Behind The Scenes: 2015

My last wedding of 2015 a guest walked up to me and told me she took a picture of me in action then thought it was creepy so she deleted it. I kinda wish she didn’t.

I try to get ‘behind the scenes’ shots as much as I can…even if that means taking a selfie in the bathroom. Yes…I often take selfies in the bathroom. Don’t judge. I am a photographer…I like to document. 😉


I managed to drag my husband along to a wedding this year and he snapped these behind the scenes shots…



DSC_0811 copyewp05ewp06

This wedding was so much fun because I got to work with my husband and my friend Kaylyn from Pulley Productions!


And of course I had to get a shot of Brian in action. Anything for the perfect angle…right?

And how can we forget when Brian took these photos…


It’s been an incredible year, can’t wait to see what 2016 holds!


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