The Gossens: Baby Makes 5

I am so excited to FINALLY share these with you. You may recognize this awesome family from their adoption story this past summer. Or if you have ever checked out any of our travel photos, you will most likely see the Gossens.

Kristan and I have a habit of calling each other and saying “Guess what?!” and the other will say “You are pregnant?!?” and then the other will say “Gross. NO!!!” So when she told me she was pregnant I told her to shut up. She said “No, really, I am!” And even then I still said “Stop lying to me, you are NOT pregnant.” It wasn’t until she sent me a picture of her ultrasound (and even then I thought she photoshopped it) that I finally believed her.

Before thanksgiving I headed to the Gossen’s house so we could find out the gender! Here is a look at their gender reveal…

ewp02 ewp04 ewp05 ewp08 ewp13 ewp16


ewp21 ewp24 ewp26 ewp27

Seriously…melt my heart.


So funny story. Kristan and I somehow have a lot of the same clothes. We rarely shop together (like we have maybe gone shopping 2 times during our entire friendship) but somehow we have a LOT of the same clothes. Several times we have shown up to dinner together wearing the exact same outfit. So I get to their house and she shows me the outfit she had picked out for their family photos. Guys…it is the exact same outfit I wore for our Christmas Card family photos (that she hadn’t seen!!). Great minds think a like I guess!

ewp33 ewp35 ewp42 ewp45

Congratulations Gossen family!! And thanks for letting me be a part of such a fun moment! 🙂


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