The Story of My Photo Shoot with My Sister & Luke

I attempted to take a good picture this summer of my sister and I with our hubbies. It failed when Luke decided not to smile. When I found out my sister would be in state (that sounds weird) for a few days I thought I would try again. Sarah and Luke have never had professional pictures taken before! My Dad took their engagement photos as well as their wedding photos.

I promised Luke it would only take me 5 minutes TOPS to get the pictures I wanted! (We just needed a couple.) We drove out to the lake in Okemah where my grandma lives! I am pretty sure it took me less than 5 minutes…but Luke still wasn’t happy about it! Here are a few sneak peaks.

ewp09 ewp06 ewp02

After I took a few pictures of them, I asked Luke to take a couple of pictures of Sarah and I.


This is me trying to tell Luke what to do. So naturally he does the complete opposite!


This is me yelling at Luke telling him to stand up and that he can’t focus on the grass! Finally I gave up and let him just take a few his way.


I said “Luke, put is in the left side of the picture…and let there be some grass on the right side. He took me LITERAL. Let’s try again.

ewp10 ewp11



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