My Dad.

You could probably say my dad is partly responsible for my love of photography. My friends (and especially Brian) know that I can’t go anywhere without my camera…and I have to document everything. My dad is 10 times worse than me. He REALLY never goes anywhere without at least one camera. Mom and I are always posing a quick smile for every occasion. If you are going to a place with my dad that doesn’t allow cameras…forget it…you might as well just not go! 🙂

I bought my first camera when I was a Senior in high school. It was just a cheap point and shoot pocket camera that I (like my dad) took everywhere. I was asked to take senior pictures for someone with my point and shoot. At the time I felt so professional! But now I just think back to how terrible the quality was…

In may 2006, I graduated High School, my sister graduated from College and my sister also got married. My dad decided to buy a nice camera to capture all these events! He bought a Nikon D50! It was the fanciest camera I have ever seen! My sister’s wedding was tiny, so my dad was the photographer. I brought along my $100 point and shoot camera to snap some pics as well. I  had so much fun capturing those priceless moments at her wedding. That was when I first thought about being a wedding photographer.

(a few snap shots from my sister’s wedding)

My sophomore year of college I was gifted a much nicer point and shoot Kodiak camera that seemed so fancy at the time! (I knew nothing about cameras…all I knew was that I loved taking pictures.) I took my first photography class at Meridian Tech, and it was until that class that I realized my camera was not that nice. However…it was durable. I once accidentally kicked it off a 50 foot cliff…and it fell into a rocky cave, and all it got was a scratch!!  Shortly after that class I was first approached to take engagement pictures for some friends. This was my FIRST paid gig!! Well…I didn’t charge them, but they paid me anyways! 🙂

As far as editing goes…I had no clue what I was doing. So I emailed my sister the bottom picture and had her blur the background!!

So back to my dad…I mean thats what this post was supposed to be about in the first place. He has the Nikon D50 and takes it everywhere!! My dad is a huge hunter…but he spends half that time taking amazing pictures! Since he gets up early to hunt he captures some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets too! I will just let you see for yourself.

Amazing right?! Here is the funny thing…these are 100% unedited pictures! I am not sure my dad even knows how to edit a picture! 🙂 But it obviously isn’t needed. I could keep showing you more and more…every day my dad emails me pictures of something he captured that morning or night.

Even though my dad takes 500 pictures everywhere we go (I am not even exaggerating)…and you can’t go anywhere new without him making you pose for a picture, (which is sometimes annoying) I think its my dad who first started my interest in photography!

So thanks dad! And thanks for sharing all your amazing pics!


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